Bye Laws

Our club rules and regulations

  1. Permits to be carried at all times when fishing.
  2. Salmon anglers to be given precedence at all times.
  3. Chest waders are prohibited on certain beats, these are shown on Permits.
  4. When fishing for Brown Trout – only single rod & line, centre pin reel, Brown Trout flies and barbless or de-barbed hooks.
  5. It is NOT permitted to use any form of Spinning Line on any beat.
  6. A maximum of only 2 Brown Trout per day may be taken. They should be between 8-12 inches (20-30cm) or exceeding 22 inches (55cm).Measurement to be at the tail fork length.
  7. No Sunday Fishing allowed.
  8. Fishing seasons, hours and private waters will be shown on permit.
  9. The sale of Trout directly or indirectly is prohibited.
  10. Taking of Smolts, Parr and all Migratory Salmon Species is prohibited.
  11. Permits, Fish, Flies and Tackle should be exhibited when requested to do so by any other Permit Holders, Officer, Warden or Employee of the Association or Employee of the Proprietor, the Police or Tweed Bailiffs.
  12. Coarse Fishing is allowed using normal methods On the Town Water Only – Beat 9.
  13. NOCoarse Fishing is allowed on any other beat.
  14. A maximum of two (2) coarse fishing rods per angler may be used.
  15. Only lead-free shot is permitted.
  16. NO Spinning Lure may be used.
  17. Fishing should be during daylight hours only.
  18. Grayling fishing is Only allowed during December & January.
  19. A maximum of 2 Grayling over 10 inches (25.5cm) may be taken. Measurement to be at the tail fork length.
  20. NO Grayling Fishing is allowed on Beat No. 2.
  21. NO dogs allowed and NO fires to be lit.
  22. NO fishing is allowed before 8.00am on any Beat.
  23. The Association, through it’s committee, shall have the power to refuse Membership or Permit to anyone whose fishing on Association Waters has given rise to a Conviction following legal proceedings, or has given rise to a written complaint by a Riparian Owner, or whose conduct is detrimental to the Association.